Harvest's Commemorative Courtyard

Sale begins August 30, 2018!

The PTA will begin selling commemorative bricks again this year. Each brick can be engraved with text within specific guidelines, and the donations we receive will directly benefit the school.

We are offering three sizes of bricks. The larger the brick, the more space you have for your text. Commemorate your kids or family name, leave a special message for Harvest staff, use your imagination!

Bricks will be sold throughout the year at PTA events and bricks will be installed in the spring of 2018.

Brick Size Characters Per Line Maximum Lines Per Brick Donation Cost
12" x 12" Eighteen (18) Eight (8) $150.00
8" x 8" Fourteen (14) Six (6) $100.00
4" x 8" Fourteen (14) Three (3) $50.00

Due to the success of our commemorative courtyard:

Starting in August 2017 and running through April 2018, we are selling different size bricks to raise money for Harvest.

The brick sale will run through April 30th, 2018 and bricks will be installed in the spring of 2018.

Payment & Ordering

The ordering process and order forms are below.

Payment must be submitted with order form to be processed.

Step 1: Choose a Size

Step 2: Select the Correct Order Form

  • Very Important Things to Remember
  •   Make sure you pick order form appropriate for the size brick(s) you want.
  •  Please submit one brick order form for each brick you want.
  •  Please read the order forms carefully.

Step 3: Submit Your Order

  • To Avoid Delays with Your Order
  •  Please read the order forms carefully.
  •  Send order forms and payments to Harvest.
  •  Check this page for updates and news about this project!